Near all what you need!

A lot of shops, pharmacies, supermarkets, restaurants, coffee bars, kiosks, internet bars and banks are located within a few minutes walking distance. At the corner, there is a laundry (Opening times daily from 6 am-11pm)

Just 10 minutes walking distance to downtown!

Transport possibilities to Düsseldorf downtown/ Airport/Fair

From Wanheimer street, station Platanenhof, you can take the tramway number 903 to the central station Duisburg and from there you can take the train just 12 minutes to Düsseldorf or to the Airport just 7 minutes.

You can also go directly to Düsseldorf taking the tramway U79.

By car you can reach Düsseldorf Airport through the highway A3 in approximately 10 minutes, you can reach the central station Düsseldorf in about 15 minutes.